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Age 15-18: Tensions increase with between splits from Def Jam and forms their own label (3CG Records). Their new self-backed album Underneath debuts at #1 on the Billboard Top Independent Albums list. Howard Stern: Zac, like how many times did you get it on with your wife on the wedding night.

Age 19: After dating for four years, Zac proposes to girlfriend Kate Tucker.

Ms Hanson's dress choice prompted Senate President Stephen Parry to call for order in the chamber.All three are married, and as far as I can tell, all three have only had one sexual partner each (their respective wives).Some try to attribute this to their semi-religious upbringing, but all three of the brothers deny this and suggest that religion had little to do with their preference for fewer, more meaningful relationships.Here's the tally: once Zac and Kate's baby is born, the band will have 10 children between them, and the new album, Anthem, will be their ninth studio album since their debut chart topper, Middle Of Nowhere (which included - you know it - Mmm Bop), in 1996.Isaac, the eldest band member, has two children with his wife Nicole: Everett, 6, and Monroe, 4 and a half; 30-year-old Taylor Hanson has five little ones with wife Natalie: Ezra, 10, Penelope, 8, River, 6, Viggo, 4, and Wilhelmina, 8 months.

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Age 8: Plays his first professional live performance at the Mayfest Arts Festival in his home town.

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