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Validating xml in java

To validate an XML document with the Xerces2-j parser, the Xerces2-j classes need to be in the classpath.The Xerces2-j parser may be obtained from the Xerces2-j page.* * @param xml String The XML document which should be validated * @param schema Name The schema filename which should be used * @throws Exception */ public static Document validate XML(String xml String, String schema Name, Boolean...

A DTD defines the legal elements of an XML document In simple words we can say that a DTD defines the document structure with a list of legal elements and attributes. Actually DTD and XML schema both are used to form a well formed XML document.For an XML document to be based on an XML schema, the XML document is required to be validated with the schema./** * Helper method that returns a validator for our Addon XSD * * @param version The version number, in range * @param handler A .By default, Input Source is = new Input Source(new File Input Stream(my Xml Document)); Validator v = new Validator(is); XMLSchema(true); JAXP12Schema Source(new File(my Xml Schema File)); boolean is Valid = Valid(); designed for validations of snippets of XML against different schema languages.Any compliant implementation must support the W3C XML Schema language, but other languages like RELAX NG or Schematron may be supported as well.

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If null the default will be used, * which will most likely print errors to stderr.