Updating animal microchip information

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Anita did provide new information when the family moved. It turns out Chewie had been spotted walking along a road and was picked up by a good Samaritan.

In April 2012, she received a call from Home Again stating, “We have your dog.” “I told them, ‘you must be mistaken. The pet lover did the right thing, having Chewie scanned for a microchip at a local shelter.

My dog is right here,'” Baumgardner recalls, referring to Jack. Because his registration information was up to date, Home Again was easily able to contact Anita.

Family members promptly headed to Arizona to pick up Chewie. He’d even gained some weight, though he had a few missing teeth,” says Anita.

) Sadly, one in three family pets will get lost during its lifetime, and without identification, around 90 percent will not return home.

The Baumgardner family, of Lompoc, CA, lost their Pekeapoo, Chewie, two years ago.

You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.“When we returned home, we searched the neighborhood, but it was already dark,” says Baumgardner.“We assumed in the morning Chewie would find his way home.” That never happened.This website provides general information which must not be relied upon or regarded as a substitute for specific professional advice, including veterinary advice.We make no warranties that the website is accurate or suitable for a person's unique circumstances and provide the website on the basis that all persons accessing the website responsibly assess the relevance and accuracy of its content.

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Jack likes to open doors, and as AJ snoozed on the sofa, the pooch slipped out the front door.