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Sex date credit card

So, what’s the deal with these calls, and why won’t they stop? The FTC has shut down more than a dozen of these “Card Services” companies — including one this past June and yet another in July. and overseas use the exact same recorded message by Rachel and friends, running a scam to — supposedly — reduce your credit card interest rate. Don’t press 1 to speak to someone — or to be taken off the call list. And never give any of your financial information, like your credit card or bank account numbers. Tell us what happened: visit complaints.or call 1-888-382-1222. If you press “1,” you’re connected to a scammer who will ask for your credit card number and other personal information.But there are lots of other companies, and new ones pop up often. An active operation can make millions of calls — so that’s why Rachel is still calling you. We use your complaints to investigate these scams so we can shut more of them down. They’ll make promises to lower your interest rate permanently — sometimes to a ridiculously low 0% — but charge a fee that can be as high as ,000. There are no guarantees for permanently lowered interest rates.The same name that comes across when the school is calling our home in case of an emergency, weather issue, sick kids at school, etc.... Of course, the number spoofed on the caller ID had been disconnected, but this is their new trick to get you to answer :( Got another call today from CCS, was able to get their ph# and called them back, kept them on the line till they were frustrated & hung up on me. Did this about 8 times, such fun to mess with tying up their lines for as long as possible. They just want you to give them your card number, name & expiration date so they can use it to drain your account.Put pressure on your phone company to not allow calls to come through from fake numbers. This will put a stop to these calls because legitimate businesses will not use spoofed numbers. As other posts mentioned, waste their time & give them fake information then tell them you're on to their fraud.I have tried asking the person that calls me from this company to stop calling.Unfortunately for me, when I do speak with someone (last name he gave was Jeffery) he starts cursing at me and then trying to solicit sex. Well Heather called again, this time I was able to make some small talk with the woman I was connected with while I was supposedly looking for my credit card.And they often use shady tactics — like telling you to stop paying your bills, lying to your credit card company so that you qualify for a hardship program, and not telling you that you’ll have to pay additional fees to transfer a balance.

Most people who pay the fee don’t get a lower rate — in fact, they get into worse debt, and may find unauthorized charges on their cards.She said she was in the Dominican Republic and the job was a very good job.I told her that I was sure she was a nice person but the problem is that the people that she works for are bad.The FTC doesnt do their job at all gthe no call list is a scam frpom the government.If its so good why not fine them hundreds of thousands of dollars per call then you would put them put of business the government is a joke How about making the telephone companies enforce the calling number to match what the subscriber number(s) are.

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Since they continue to call me no matter what I do, I mess with them.