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Online sexual roleplaying books

These will disproportionately be queer, trans, and people of color.These will be creators less steeped in the language of “erotica” – just knowing that they want to create and entertain and that their skills lie in a sexual area.When is there too much porn, not enough aesthetics? “porn” gives you the freedom to discriminate at will.And it makes content creators live in fear of that discrimination, itself leading to self censorship of important viewpoints. Porn is a multi-billion dollar industry mostly in the hands of well heeled men. We ask you to take a stand on behalf of the sex workers who use your platform, their fans, and everyone who supports freedom of expression.

And it’s been well reported that you were ending “payments discrimination against adult content” – something you proudly confirmed to us in email and behind the scenes in one on one messages with your employees.

Dennis – is creating You Tube videos Animo Pron – is creating adult 3d animations with gaming-girls Rii – is creating cosplay and fashion photos Kyell Gold – is creating Stories Forevernyte / Deadly Hunger Studios – is creating Comics and Animations Mews – is creating cuties and lewds!

Go Ask Alex – is creating watercolour, music, nudity, and mischief Circlet Press – is creating Erotic Science Fiction/Fantasy Books Rafu – is creating role-playing games Anna Cherry – is creating NSFW Cosplay, Gaming and STEM content Slime Maid – is creating Spirit Zones Tenleid Cosplay – is creating Cosplay tutorials, exclusive prints and more!

Kay Lynn Syrin – is creating Cosplay, Photosets, and Videos Mitch Alexander – is creating some really gay games, to be honest Ginger (ero-hime) – is Creating Photos, Videos, Cosplay Bailey Poland – is creating texts on feminist rhetoric in a digital age Street Fight Radio – is creating Radio Shows Demesejha – is creating Music Mike Masters – is creating adult games Saber Tompson – is creating Plus Sized Nude and Fine Art Photography Laura Kerrigan / Season of the Bitch – is Creating the Season of the Bitch Podcast Ashley Tea – is creating a whole buncha magic Kumars Salehi / Delete your Account – is creating the Delete Your Account Podcast Trungles – is Creating Comics and Images Studio Snickerdoodle – is creating lewd girls in spaaaaace!

Dramamine – is Creating Smut Ariel Ries – is creating Witchy Gargron – is creating Mastodon Glitched Puppet – is creating Adult Comics Rrostek – is creating 3D Adult Animations Riley J.

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