Notre dame dating scene

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Notre dame dating scene

The new building retained its function as a music hall.

One of its two components continued to provide classrooms and practice rooms for individual students, the orchestra and the marching band.

The theatre could accommodate 300 spectators in its gallery and another 400 on the ground floor.

Over the years, the theatre has provided the Notre Dame community with countless hours of entertainment and intellectual stimulation.

Frescoes and murals by Luigi Geogori and Signor Rusca included four emblematic figures of tragedy, comedy, music and poetry above which were portraits of Shakespeare, Molière, Mozart and Dante.

Over the proscenium, Washington loomed, flanked by Demosthenes and Cicero on either side.

Although the university literally stood in ashes, the Congregation of Holy Cross was determined to rebuild Notre Dame. Edbrooke, a Chicago architect, was commissioned to create a new campus. The placement, façade and proportions of the new building were intended to parallel those of nearby Sacred Heart Church.

With the opening of the De Bartolo Performing Arts Center in the 2004 fall semester, the Student Activities Office entered into an agreement with the Provost's Office to transform Washington Hall from an academic building into a student-centered venue.

The building is divided into five main uses for student groups: 571 seat auditorium suitable for theatrical productions, musicals, pageants, and lectures.

It housed classrooms and practice rooms as well as facilities for lectures, concerts and campus assemblies.

The building played a major role in the life of Notre Dame throughout the early years.

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As early as 1846, the combination of a recognition that Notre Dame would have to provide its own entertainment and a French-inspired appreciation for the fine, dramatic and musical arts led the university’s founders to reserve a building for artistic instruction and performance.

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