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Dating namibia windhoek

One seat each was won by the Democratic Turnhalle Alliance (DTA, 682 votes) and the National Unity Democratic Organisation (NUDO, 153 votes).The Namibian Defence Force was created when South West Africa gained full independence from South Africa in 1990.Later the settlement was referred to as "Gobabis" by the Whites, this expression was likely derived from goba (argue, quarrel) and bis (place): The place where people quarreled.A common earlier interpretation of the name, ǂkhoa (Elephant) -bes (place), Elephant fountain, was introduced by Heinrich Vedder and gained wide acceptance.Gobabis is situated 200 km (120 mi) down the B6 motorway from Windhoek to Botswana.The town is 113 km (70 mi) from the Buitepos border post with Botswana, and serves as an important link to South Africa on the tarred Trans-Kalahari Highway.

Major General A W Dennis, CB, OBE (rtd), British Army, previously Director of Military Assistance Overseas, made the following comments on the initial phase in Namibia at a conference in Pretoria, South Africa on 6 August 1992: You will no doubt recall that the Angola accords were signed in Luanda on 22 December 1988.The constitution of Namibia defines the role of the military as "defending the territory and national interests." Namibia's military was born from the integration of the formerly belligerent People's Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN), military wing of the South West African People's Organization, and the South West African Territorial Force (SWATF) - a security arm of the former South African administration.The British formulated the force integration plan and began training the NDF, which consists of five battalions and a small headquarters element.The town hosts a state hospital, a state clinic and a private Hospital, banking and shopping facilities.The 2015 local authority election was won by SWAPO which gained 3,077 votes and five seats.

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In addition the Ministry of Defence, a mixture of civilian and military personnel, was operating as a department of state.

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