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; born May 21, 1974) is a Mexican actor, model, and singer.He was part of band Kairo and later a solo music career, before he started appearing in Mexican telenovelas and eventually feature films like Chasing Papi, Bella, and Little Boy, the latter two produced by his own production company, Metanoia.While there, he started talking to a Hispanic couple who were going to the clinic for an abortion.He says that, recognizing him from his telenovela roles on Mexican television, they listened as he described his upcoming role and the plotline of Bella.

In 2008, he released a long video message denouncing the high rate of abortion in Hispanic communities in the United States and speaking out loudly about alleged targeting of the Hispanic communities with messages supporting abortion by the Barack Obama campaign during the presidential race.Verástegui cofounded the production company Metanoia Films (the Greek word for "repentance") with co-founders and partners Alejandro Gomez Monteverde and Leo Severino.The company is based in Beverly Hills, California, and is committed to producing films that touch the consciences and hearts of people.In one irreversible moment, their lives are turned upside down...until a simple gesture of kindness brings them both together, turning an ordinary day to an unforgettable experience.

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The coach was a committed Catholic, and in the course of their conversations Verástegui re-discovered his faith and resolved to change his lifestyle.